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Daiwa Dr. Minnow

Versatile minnow lure for mountain streams, lakes or even salt water. High back shape and fixed weight system provide excellent stability even with fast current or a fast retrieve.  Wide wobbling roll with a steady retrieve and darting action with twitching retrieve.

Each lure comes from the factory with two barbed trebles. Each lure will come from Finesse-Fishing with a single barbless hook taped to the box and a request to remove the front treble and replace the rear treble with the single hook.

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Daiwa Dr. Minnow 5F Daiwa Dr. Minnow 5F "Wakasagi"
Daiwa Dr. Minnow 5F Wakasagi - $11.50

  • Floating model
  • 5cm length (about 2")
  • 2.5 gram weight
Daiwa Dr. Minnow 5FS Daiwa Dr. Minnow 5FS "Black Gold"
Daiwa Dr. Minnow 5FS Black Gold - $12.50

  • Fast sinking model
  • 5cm length (about 2")
  • 3.5 gram weight

Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40S

Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40SDaiwa Presso Step Dart 40S
Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40SDaiwa Presso Step Dart 40S
  • 40 mm length (just over 1.5 inches)
  • 3.2 grams (just under 1/8 oz)
  • Two single Van Hook CK33W #8 barbless hooks
  • Fast sink
  • Fast wobble on steady retrieve
  • Side to side darting action on jerked retrieve
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Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40S
Olive Glow - $15
Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40S
Mix Pellet - $15

Yo-Zuri  Pins Minnow (single hook)

  • 50 mm length ( 2")
  • 2 grams (1/16 oz)
  • Single barbless hook
  • Slow sinking
Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow (single hook) - $8


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