I have gotten emails from several customers concerned that their packages have been lost because they are late and/or tracking data shows them to have been in the Jersey City sorting facility for days.

Those packages are now moving. Most have been delivered already.

Please understand that shopping online this year has been unprecedented, and the USPS, UPS and FedEx are trying to run beyond their capacity. In the 10 years I have been shipping packages, (thousands and thousands of packages), the USPS has NEVER lost a Priority Mail package, and has lost only two or three First Class packages. Please be patient. Your packages will arrive.

Ajing Jigs Shop

Ajing Jig Heads

C'ultiva JH-85

C'ultiva JH-85 2.2 gram jig heads.C'ultiva JH-85 Jig Head
  • Double eye design allows you to tie your line on top of the jig head or at the front, changing the jig's action.
  • 5 weights, from .7 gram (about 1/40 oz)  2.2 grams (about 1/13 oz).
  • Package of 5.
  • Produced by Owner.
  • More info...

Weight in oz is approximate.

C'ultiva JH-85 Jig Head
.7g (1/40 oz) #8 hook

C'ultiva JH-85 Jig Head
1.0g (1/32 oz) #8 hook

C'ultiva JH-85 Jig Head
1.3g (1/22 oz) #8 hook

C'ultiva JH-85 Jig Head
1.7g (1/18 oz) #7 hook

C'ultiva JH-85 Jig Head
2.2g (1/13 oz) #7 hook

Shimano Soare Skiphead

Shimano Soare Skiphead
  • Triangular cross section causes the jig to dart from side to side like a fleeing baitfish
  • Hook shape holds the worm in place
  • Large eye for easy tying.
  • 1 gram (about 1/32 oz) or 1.6 grams about 1/18 oz)
  • Package of 4
Soare Skiphead
1g - $4.50
Soare Skiphead
1.6g - $4.50

Shimano Soare Draghead

Shimano Soare Draghead
  • Head design creates resistance (drag) when you retrieve. Easy to feel subtle bites when the resistance stops!
  • Hook shape keeps the worm in place.
  • Large eye for easy tying.
  • 4 weights to match conditions
  • Package of 4
Soare Draghead
.7g - $5.00

Soare Draghead
1.6g - $5.00
Soare Draghead
1g - $5.00

Soare Draghead
2g - $5.00

Soft Plastics

Nikko Pin Straight Worms

  • 1.9" length.
  • Very flexible tail for maximum action
  • Scented
  • Package of 8.
  • Keep Pin Straight Worms in the original packaging
Nikko Pin Straight Worm - White
Nikko Pin Straight Worm White - $6.30
The gray on the bottom is shadow.
The worm is uniformly white.
Nikko Pin Straight Worm - Red
Nikko Pin Straight Worm Red - $6.30

Micro Finesse B-Vibe

  • 2" length.
  • Kick tail for enticing action.
  • S-Pheromone Technology (scent/flavor)
  • Package of 8.
  • Keep B-Vibes in the original packaging

Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe Bluegill
B-Vibe Bluegill - $4.00
Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe Fire Tiger
B-Vibe Fire Tiger - $4.00

Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe Gold
B-Vibe Gold - $4.00
Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe Green Pumpkin
B-Vibe Green Pumpkin - $4.00

Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe White
B-Vibe White - $4.00
Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe Chartreuse
B-Vibe Chartreuse - $4.00

Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe Pink
B-Vibe Pink - $4.00

Micro Finesse Eurogrubs

  • 1.4" length.
  • Soft pin tail for subtle action.
  • S-Pheromone Technology (scent/flavor)
  • Package of 8.
  • Keep Eurogrubs in the original packaging
Eurotackle Micro Finesse Eurogrub Chartreuse
Eurogrub Chartreuse - $4.00
Eurotackle Micro Finesse Eurogrub Gold
Eurogrub Gold - $4.00

Eurotackle Micro Finesse Eurogrub Green Pumpkin
Eurogrub Green Pumpkin - $4.00
Eurotackle Micro Finesse Eurogrub Orange
Eurogrub Orange - $4.00

Eurotackle Micro Finesse Eurogrub Pink
Eurogrub Pink - $4.00
Eurotackle Micro Finesse Eurogrub White
Eurogrub White - $4.00

Micro Finesse Anisoptera

Microfinesse Anisoptera Brown (left) and Black (right)
  • 1.5 inch
  • S-Pheromone Technology (scent/flavor)
  • 10 per package
  • Keep Anisoptera in the original packaging
  • More information...
Micro Finesse Anisoptera
Brown - $4.00
Micro Finesse Anisoptera
Black - $4.00


Domestic shipping is by USPS First Class Mail (unless ordered along with a rod). The $4 charge will be added to your order automatically.

Please note: All packages are shipped via USPS. If you have a PO Box, please list ONLY the PO Box in your address, not the PO Box and your street address.

If you live in an apartment, please put the apartment number on the same line in the order form as the your street address, for example

John Doe
123 Main St Apt 4
Yourtown, XX 12345

International shipping is by USPS First Class Mail Intenational (unless the entire order is over $400 or the order requires a box longer than 24". The shipping charge depends on the destination and the weight, length and value of the package.

Import Duties and Taxes

International purchases may be subject to import duties and taxes. I cannot keep track of all import regulations in all countries written in all languages. Understanding and paying import duties and taxes is the responsibility of the buyer.


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