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Trip Reports

The Trip Reports section of my sister site, is one of the more popular sections. It is a mishmash of what worked, what didn't and crazy ideas to try next time. I hope the Trip Reports will be as popular here. There won't be a new report every week, but I hope to add reports as frequently as time, weather and work requirements allow.

Trip Reports

6-26-21 4 gram spinner for small trout

5-12-21 This, That or Both

7-27-20 Tenryu RZ39LL as baitcaster
6-26-20 (New rods for 2020)
Yokohama Fishing Show 2020
10-19-19 (Flip cast lesson in CO)
9-15-19 (Daiwa Silver Creek Sinking Minnows)
9-2-19 (Tenryu Rayz Alter as headwaters rod)
8-17-19 (Tenryu Lunakia and Snapper Blues)

8-4-19 (Shimano Slim Swimmer spoons)

7-28-19 (The Secret Spot)

7-14-19 (Daiwa Eve spoons, Shimano Ajing rod vs Daiwa Area rod)
7-5-19 (Baitcaster reel on a spinning rod)

6-23-19 (Baitcaster Brookie, Shimano Slim Swimmer)

6-15-19 (Single Barbed Hooks, Orange Line)

8-25-18 (Fish the Office Parks, Tenru Rayz Alter)

11-25-17 (C'ultiva Ring Kick Tail and JH-85)
10-14-17 (Area Bum 60XUL-4, Pins Minnow)
Fly Fishing Fair Aug 2-9, 2017
Maine Vacation 2017

4-30-17 (Keiryu, Tenkara and Spinning)
4-22-17 (JH-85 .7g and 1.3" Pinworm)


The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.