JDM Ester Line

I have not used ester line very much, mostly because the way I normally fish doesn't call for it. Ester line is dense enough that it will sink. It has no stretch. Thus, it is very good for fishing light jigs in deeper water. Crappie and bream fishermen love it for those characteristics, but it is a love-hate relationship. Ester line really wants to jump off the spool (so don't even think of putting it on a baitcaster -  trust me).

Large smallmouth bass caught with ester line.Ester line for fishing light jigs

With a spinning rod, that is a problem with a very easy solution. As soon as your jig hits the water flip the bail or put your hand or finger on the spool. AS SOON AS! That will prevent the biggest problem people have with ester line. A second issue that some have raised is related to the lack of stretch. Some people report unexpected line breakage. I think this is mostly with stiffer ajing rods, and almost certainly can be cured by dailing back on the strength of the hook set. When I used ester line in Maine, catching 2 lb+ smallies, I never once had the line break.

If you want a sensitive line that sinks, you want ester. Just remember to flip the bail or grab the spool, and don't try to cross their eyes with the hook set.

Spool of Sunline Night Blue Ester LineSunline Night Blue
  • Night Blue (fluorescent blue) color is visible in sunlight and extremely visible under ultraviolet light for night fishing
  • Very low stretch material, great sensitivity, positive hook sets
  • Specific gravity about half way between nylon and fluorocarbon
  • 3.1 lb test .125mm dia
  • 240m
  • $25
Spool of Varivas Area Master Limited LineVarivas Area Master Limited
  • Area Trout Model: Neo-Orange ESTER main line.
  • Very low stretch material, great sensitivity, positive hook sets
  • Specific gravity about half way between nylon and fluorocarbon
  • SP-F Coating: proprietary Fluoride coating increased castability & durability.
  • 2.3 lb test .117mm dia
  • 140m
  • $13


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