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WooDream Handmade Lures

WooDream lures are Japanese hand made wooden lures. They are absolutely beautiful (and they catch fish). There are several models and quite a few colors but not all styles and definitely not all colors are available at any one time. I have never been able to get all the styles or all the colors I want. What I can get depends on what is available when the order is placed. Unfortunately, for some of the lures I was able to get only one. Doubly unfortunate, I do not think I will be able to get any more this year. More info...

WooDream Arbor 50S

Length: 50mm
Weight: 5.5 grams

S-shaped path with steady retrieve, dying bait fish action with twitches.

Woodream Arbor 50S, color IBPColor: IBP

WooDream Arbor handmade lures will be back in stock next spring.

Smith D-Contact

Smith D-Contact 50S Chartreuse Back Yamame

Most small trout do not become large trout. Most get eaten by large trout! The most noticeable feature of small trout, whether brown, brooks or rainbows, is their prominent parr marks. The Japanese Yamame also have prominent parr marks.

The Smith D-Contact 50S Yamame has prominent parr marks and looks a lot like a trout fingerling. The chartreuse back makes it just a bit more visible (to the fisherman as well as the fish).

The Smith D-Contact minnows have a very good reputation in Japan. I am confident that it will prove to be very effective in the US as well.

50mm, 4.5g

I have gotten very good reports about the Smith Panish (panicky & shaky) minnow. The only problem with it from my standpoint is that it comes with a pair of barbed treble hooks.

However, Smith also makes a version of the Panish minnow specifically for fishing in Areas. The colors are different, but the biggest difference is that the Area version comes with a pair of single barbless hooks.

The 70F Panish is a 70mm (2 3/4") floating minnow. And although sinking minnows are more popular for stream fishing in Japan, if you are fishing a relatively shallow stream you might prefer a minnow that doesn't get very deep.

70mm, 3.2g

The Smith Troutin' Surger is a lipless sinking minnow lure. It has a rolling action on a steady retrieve and a darting action on a pulsed retrieve.

With no lip and with just a single tail hook, it is much less likely to get snagged so you can fish it right on the bottom.

At 6.5g, the Troutin Surger is better suited to L rods than UL.

60mm, 6.5g

Daiwa Silver Creek Minnows

The first Japanese minnow lure I ever got was a Daiwa Silver Creek minnow. I thought it was a wonderful lure, and I caught a quite a few fish with it. Initially I was reluctant to import it, thinking it might be too expensive to sell well. However, the Spearhead Ryuki and Daiwa Step Darts have sold, so I have reconsidered.

The flat sides and low center of gravity produce a very enticing wiggle with a steady retrieve and controlled twitches with a pulsed retrieve.

The lures come from Daiwa with a pair of treble hooks. They will come from Finesse-Fishing with a single hook taped to the box.

More info...

Daiwa Silver Creek 44S

  • Heavy sinking model
  • 4.4 cm length (about 1 3/4")
  • 4.2 gram weight

Daiwa Silver Creek 50S

  • Heavy sinking model
  • 5.0 cm length (2")
  • 4.5 gram weight

Daiwa Silver Creek 61S

  • Heavy sinking model
  • 6.1 cm length (2.5")
  • 6.5 gram weight

Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40S

  • 40 mm length (just over 1.5 inches)
  • 3.2 grams (just under 1/8 oz)
  • Two single Vanfook CK33W #8 barbless hooks
  • Fast sink
  • Fast wobble on steady retrieve
  • Side to side darting action on jerked retrieve
  • More info...
Daiwa Step Dart. Text on photo says Olive GlowOlive Glow
Daiwa Presso Step Dart Olive Glow
Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40S
Olive Glow - $16

Daiwa Presso Step Dart Topping Food RG
Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40S
Topping Food RG - $16

Forest iFish AT

The Forest iFish AT (Area Tune) lures are 50mm, heavy sinking minnows. At 5.5g, they are heavier than most 50mm minnow lures. They have a fixed weight, which Forest claims provides more control when swimming and twitching the lure.

They come with two single VANFOOK SP-31BL #6 hooks.

Forest iFish #2
iFish AT No.2 - $14

Forest iFish #3
iFish AT No.3 - $14

Forest iFish #4
iFish AT No.4 - $14

Palms Thumb Shad

The Palms Thumb Shad is a suspending minnow lure designed for trout fishing in mountain streams. Most JDM minnow lures are either floating or sinking, so you are always at risk of not getting the lure deep enough or getting too deep and getting it caught in rocks.  The Palms Thumb Shad is a nice option when you want it to get down a bit, but then stay around that depth. Having single hooks also reduces the chance that the Thumb Shad will get hung up on rocks or sunken logs. A steady retrieve is standard, although you can add gentle pulses to get an irregular darting action. The molded plastic lip is stronger than on most minnow lures, reducing the chance that it will break if an errant cast lands on rocks.

The TS39 is 1 5/8" (not counting bill) and weighs 2.2 oz.

TS39Palms Thumb Shad TS39
Stream Shad Color
Palms Thumb Shad TS39
Stream Shad Color - $15


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