JDM Spinning Reels

JDM spinning reels are the best in the world. I suppose I should label that as opinion rather than fact, but I'm not sure there'd really be much argument. The Japanese did not invent the spinning reel but they have dominated the market for a decades. How that came to be is a long story (much of it not directly related to spinning reels) but for now I'm just going to state that they're the best and let it go at that.

A completely separate issue is why reels sold in the Japanese domestic market are better than the reels sold in the US market. The short answer is that the two markets are different. Japanese anglers, on average, demand higher quality and are willing to pay higher (or much higher) prices than American anglers. I am not making any value judgements in that statement. There is no implication that one approach is "better" than the other. They're just different. I am firmly of the belief that people should buy what they want. 

I am also firmly of the belief that companies actually do provide what their customers want. The reason over half of the spinning reel models offered by Bass Pro Shops sell for less than $50 is because that's what most people who walk into a BPS actually buy. Bass Pro Shops is perfectly willing to sell an $800 Shimano Stella instead of an $80 Bass Pro Shops Carbonlite (or an $18 Bass Pro Shops Stampede), and if they sold a lot more of the Stellas they'd stock more high end Japanese reels. It really is about that simple.

So, if you want top quality spinning reels - especially if you want top quality finesse spinning reels that are matched to the JDM spinning rods, you pretty much have to go with the JDM reels.

The only reel I carry at this point is the Shimano Cardiff CI4+ 1000SHG. It would be a good match for any of the rods on the site.

Shimano Cardiff CI4+ 1000SHG

Please note: for this reel the antireverse cannot be switched off.

Gear ratio - 6
Retrieve per handle turn - 79 cm (31 in)
    Practical - 1.0 kg (2.2 lb)
    Maximum - 3.0 kg (6.6 lb)
Weight - 170 g (6.0 oz)
Line capacity
    Nylon 2.5 lb - 140 m (153 yds)
               3 lb -     100 m (109 yds)
               4 lb -       90 m (98 yds)
              2 lb - 170 m (186 yds)
              3 lb -   95 m (104 yds)
              4 lb -   75 m (82 yds)
    Braid (Japanese line size)
             .3  - 140 m (153 yds)
             .8  - 100 m (109 yds)
             1  -    80 m (87 yds)
Handle length 45 mm (1.8 in)
Bearings - 9/1

Made in Malaysia


Shipping to a US address is via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery). The $10 charge will be added to your order automatically. 

Shipping to an international address will be via USPS First Class International or USPS Priority Mail International, depending on package length and value. Packages over 24" long OR valued at $400 or more must go via Priority Mail. The shipping charge depends on the destination and the weight, length and value of the package. Import duties, taxes and VAT are the responsibility of the buyer.

Australia and New Zealand

The USPS has suspended all shipments to Australia. UPS will deliver, but the shipping charge is considerably higher than the charge that will be calculated at checkout, requiring an additional payment. I will send an invoice for the required amount.


Finesse-Fishing no longer ships to Russia.


Regrettably, Finesse-Fishing.com no longer exports to the UK. The sales volume does not justify the time and expense required to collect and remit the Value Added Tax.

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