Lure Boxes

Lure boxes designed to hold what you need for a day on the stream.

The Daiwa Presso Wallet (C) comes in four sizes - small, medium, medium large, and large. For now I just have the small and medium in stock.The (C) suggests that this is the third version.

The photo below left shows that the small wallet easily holds ten Vega spoons or eight of the Adam or Lupin spoons on each side.

The small wallet would also hold eight of the 2.5g Crusader spoons on either side but I would recommend replacing the barbed Crusader hook with a barbless hook first.

Dimensions are 3.5" x 4.5" x 1.25" for the small and 3.5" x 7.25" x 1.5" for the medium (although they may be a bit thicker when full of spoons).

There is a clear plastic sheet separating the two sides of the small wallet, and separating the sides from the middle foam sheet in the medium walle. The small wallet comes with the carabiner shown in the photos. Hanging the wallet from the carabiner will keep the spoons from getting all tangled.

Although you could carry minnow plugs if you replaced the trebles with a barbless single hook, the wallets are clearly designed for spoons. It is much easier to pick a spoon out of the wallet than it is to pull a spoon out of one of the plastic boxes shown below. The boxes will hold lots of spoons, but it is a bit cumbersome to get out the one you want. I think the ideal solution would be to have a Daiwa Presso Lure Wallet for your spoons and a Meiho box for your plugs.

Daiwa Presso Lure Wallet (C) small (black) - $24
Spoons not included.

Daiwa Presso Lure Wallet (C) small (orange) - $24
Daiwa Presso Lure Wallet (C) medium - $30
Spoons not included

Out of stock

I guess we can forgive Meiho for thinking this is a fly box rather than a lure box. They call it the Meiho Fly Case F but it makes a great box for ultralight lures.

It is extremely versatile in that each of the four long side to side compartments can be divided into two, three or four compartments to fit the lures you have. The Daiwa Crusader, Adam and Vega spoons will fit in one of the smallest compartments. The Yo-Zuri Single Hook Pins Minnow or Daiwa Presso Step Darts, or the Daiwa Dr. Minnow lures (not yet in stock) will need half the full length, and longer minnow lures would need three quarters of the length.

The box fits lots of lures and yet still fits in a fishing vest pocket. Dimensions are 5.75" x 4" x1". Not bad for $5.25!

Lures not included.

Meiho Fly Case F - $5.25

The Meiho Lure Case SS is a relatively small case, 4" x 3" x 1", that has four removable dividers. There are five possible slots in which to put the dividers, so there is quite a bit of flexibility in setting up the case.

I would probably use three of the dividers, making four compartments of nearly equal size. Set up that way, each compartment would hold one 50mm minnow lure, whether a Daiwa Dr. Minnow or Duo Spearhead Ryuki. Each compartment would hold two of the Daiwa Silver Creek 44S minnow lures or two of the Daiwa Step Dart 40S lures. Additionally, each compartment would hold several of the 4g Daiwa Crusader spoons.

Meiho Lure Case SS - $3.00

The Meiho Fly Case SS is the same size as their Lure Case SS but is set up differently. There is a built-in divider that splits the case into two long compartments. Each compartment will hold three of the 50mm minnow lures or two longer lures. You might be able to fit three longer lures, depending on how wide or thick they are. If you fish with the 70mm length minnow lures, this box or the larger Meiho Fly Case F would be a better choice than the Lure Case SS.

 Lures not included.

Meiho Fly Case SS - $3.00

The six-compartment Minimalist Fly Boxes also makes reasonable minimalist lured boxes if you carry only a few lures with you and if they are not too large. If you mostly fish the micro spoons, like the Crusader 2.5g spoons, the Adam spoons or the Vega spoons, one small box may be all you need. The dividers are removable, so it is easy to carry a few plugs as well.

They are indeed minimalist, but if you carry only a few lures, one or two of them may be all you need. And for just $2 each, there's no reason NOT to have a couple.

Lures not included.

Minimalist Box - $2


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