has closed and has nothing left to sell, other than a few used books. I have decided to leave the website up as a resource for people interested in fishing with light rods, light lines and light lures - true finesse fishing.

McClane's Secrets of Successful Fishing

A complete, illustrated guide to the techniques, tackle and know-how of sport fishing.

A. J. McClane


From the dust jacket flap: "McClane's Secrets of Successful Fishing is the definitive, completely illustrated guide to the art and practice of Sport Fishing. It contains all the essential information needed to master every fresh- and saltwater fishing method no matter what an angler's previous experience or level of expertise. Utilizing the proven teaching methods developed for McClane's Fishing Schools, America's foremost fisherman first instructs the reader in the five basic casting techniques: spinning, spin casting, fly casting bait casting, and surf-fishing. He then explains more specialized and advanced tactics, such as ultralight spinning, accuracy casting, bottom fishing, trolling and big-game fishing. Each step-by-step lesson is illustrated with two-color line drawings depicting all movements from correct stance through casting, rod-and-reel action, and retrieving the catch. Every kind of rod and reel is described, with explanations of its construction and functioning as well as practical suggestions on selection and care. Separate chapters, filled with photographs, drawings, and tables are devoted to each type of terminal tackle, pointing out its specialized use and compatibility with other gear. Mr. McClane has interwoven innumerable practical tips throughout the text on how to achieve the best results under the endless variety of fishing conditions. Any angler who applies the knowledge contained in this indispensable volume will undoubtedly increase his catch as well as his enjoyment and understanding of the sport."

And if you believe that, I have a book I want to sell you.

Holt Rinehart and Winston, New York NY 1979
Hardcover, 276 pages
8 1/4 x 5 1/4 in.

Fair condition. Worn dust jacket.




Spin Casting

Ultralight Spinning

Bait Casting

Fly Casting

Accuracy Casting




Soft Plastic Lures





Wire Leaders

Waders and Wading




Big-Game Fishing

Reference Books


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