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Piscatorial Absurdities

A Fly-Fisherman's Guide to Radical Freshwater Ultralight Spin Fishing

Joe Robinson

Piscatorial Absurdities

Piscatorial Absurdities has been the Bible to American extra ultralight, or ultra ultralight, or as Dave Whitlock wrote in the Foreword, "Extreme Ultralight" spinning ever since it was printed in 2009. I have written about small lures, light lines and extra ultralight Japanese spinning rods for a few years now, often referencing Joe Robinson and his "snap" and "wave" casts.

What passes for "ultralight" spinning in the US is a shame. Ultralight rods for the American market all seem to be designed for use with 6 lb test line. For their spinning line, Joe Robinson and his adherents used 7X fly fishing tippet, which is about 2 lb test. To cast lures as small and light as those recommended in Piscatorial Absurdities, you really do need to use line that light. Many of Joe Robinson's lures are a cross between a lure and a fly, which he calls "Flures."

Piscatorial Absurdities covers Joe's complete approach to extreme ultralight spinning, including choice of rod, how to choose a line, the reels he recommends, and the fast, accurate casting he adopted from Erne St. Claire.

I don't know if there was ever a second printing of Piscatorial Absurdities. It has been not only out of print, but completely unavailable for years and years. You never see one advertised by any of the many used book outlets.

I have one copy available. It is expensive, but as far as I now it is the only one available anywhere at any price.

Upstream Publishing 2009

Spiral Bound, 57 pages
11 x 8 3/4 in.

Good condition. Dust jacket shows wear. Original Sportsman's Finest sticker on the back cover.



Author's Note


1.  Redemption

2.  Retro-Spinning

3.  "Thin-lining" vsd. "Thick-lining"

4.  Little Big Rod

5.  The Reel Deal

6.  Hairline

7.  The Ghost of Erne St. Claire

8.  Slack Off

9.  "Detach" De Bail from De Reel

10. Get a Grip

11. The Light Touch

12. Line Support

13. Some Assembly Required

14. Elegant Deception

15. Flies, Flures, Hooks and Lures


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