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Shimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG

This article is about the 2017 model. I have not seen the 2023 model. In any event, I no longer import reels.

Shimano begins their description of the new Shimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG by saying "A long-awaited bait finesse model is born in Calcutta Conquest." Long awaited is correct! I ordered the reels in December and didn't receive them until April. They were worth the wait. (When I ran out of stock, it was another long wait to get more.)

""Shimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG

I'd seen all the photos on the Shimano website and the dozens of photos on Google Images, but I was still a bit surprised when I opened the box. The reel is smaller than I had expected, it fits the hand better than I'd expected and the thumb bar is better positioned than I had expected. To say I'm happier than expected would be an understatement.

Calcutta Conquest on Tenryu Rayz RZ53ULShimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG

And I have to say, it just looks great on a Tenryu baitcaster!

Shimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG - top viewShimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG
Shimano Calcutta Conquest, Tenryu rod, large brown troutShimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG Left
Shimano Calcutta Conquest, Tenryu Rod, Large Rainbow TroutShimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG Left

It is a little heavier than I had expected, but boy, does it feel solid! (And smooth!)

Shimano also says the reel supports the "recently popular mountain stream bait finesse," which is exactly why I have them!

The Shimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG utilizes the same revolutionary spool and braking system as the Aldebaran, but it breaks new ground in other areas.

""Micro Module Gear

The micro module gear reduces the size of the teeth as much as possible. The smooth meshing of the fine teeth produces smoother power transmission without reducing strength. Gear noise has been reduced, and the sensitivity has improved dramatically. Such precise gears are possible only because of the extreme rigidity of the one piece metal body and frame.

""X-Ship gear system

The gear system efficiently transmits the input power and enables more powerful cranking. Enlarging the gear, reviewing the optimum placement, improving tooth surface accuracy has allowed smoother and easier reeling.

""Finesse Tune Brake system

To increase the pitching performance of lightweight lures, weight reduction of the spool is critical. Traditionally, manufacturers have tried to reduce weight by using perforated spools. The brake unit limited the weight savings.

Shimano's newly developed Finesse Tune Brake (FTB) succeeded in developing the lightest spool in the history of Shimano bait finesse reels by eliminating the brake unit from the spool. FTB applies the braking to the spool, which is unprecedented.

S3D spool (logo)S3D spool

Shimano's S3D spool improves weight balance and dimensional accuracy, which suppresses vibration during casting. Vibration noise has been reduced by half compared to conventional (Shimano) products. Even with a high speed cast, spool rattling and uneven rotation are extremely minor, producing stable casting performance. Casting distance and the accuracy have been improved dramatically.

Exciting Drag Sound

Face it, anglers love to hear their drag scream.

The box contains two small vials of oil. The one with the green top (marked BFS Oil) is for the bearings. The one with the blue top (marked Bantam Oil) is for everything else.

Shimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG 2017 Stats

Gear ratio
Max drag
Spool Capacity
Spool Diameter
Bearings (Ball/Roller)

Calcutta Conquest BFS HG
7 oz
8.8 lb

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