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Sunline Troutist Darkness

Sunline Troutist DarknessSunline Troutist Darkness

Sunline Troutist Darkness, 150m - $19.25

  • Higher molecular weight than other high-strength nylon lines. High in both tensile and knot strength, with superior durability, manageability, and straightness.
  • Newly developed nylon line technology gives you the same strength with smaller line diameter. Improves casting performance.
  • “Camouflage Color” blends into any environment. Won’t spook even highly pressured fish.
  • Low initial stretch gives you accurate feedback of the lightest nibble.
  • 150 meter spool marked at the 75 meter point to let you adjust the amount you load on your reel

2 lb
.104 mm (.004")

3 lb
.128 mm (.005")

Out of stock

4 lb
.148 mm (.006")

5 lb
.165 mm (.0065")

Sunline Troutist Area Meister

Sunline Troutist Area MeisterSunline Troutist Area Meister
Stealth  leader 2 meters, Fluorescent Orange 8 meters (repeating)Stealth Smoke leader 2 meters, Fluorescent Orange 8 meters (repeating)

Sunline Area Meister, 100m - $18

  • Hi-Vis lines are easy to control to detect bites. However, they are hi-vis to trout, too. You could tie on a clear leader, but the knot weakens the line.  An integrated "stealth" leader is a better solution.
  • The front 2 m is dyed "stealth black" (actually a translucent smoke gray) which reduces as much as half the light reflection to avoid scaring trout.
  • The following 8 m is dyed fluorescent orange to guarantee visibility even in low light. The pattern repeats every 10 m.
  • The improved strength design allows long distance casting of light lures while still landing big trout without much difficulty.

2 lb
.104 mm (.004")

3 lb
.128mm (.005")

4 lb
.148mm (.006")

Sunline Troutist Wild

Sunline Troutist WildSunline Troutist Wild

Sunline Troutist Wild, 150m - $15

  • Easy to see.
  • Easy to cast.

2.5 lb
.128 mm (.005")

3 lb
.148 mm (.006")

4 lb
.165mm (.007")

6 lb
.205mm (.008")

Varivas Bait Finess Nylon

Varivas Bait Finess Nylon, 120m - $19.25

  •  This is a line dedicated to bait finesse fishing in mountain streams and in Areas.
  • Specifically formulated to suppress backlash.
  • The high-density molecular bonding process (VA-G manufacturing process) makes the line stronger for its diameter.
  • Extremely visible for better bite detection.
  • Marked every 30 m so you can efficiently manage the amount put on your reel.

2.5 lb
.117 mm (.0046")

4 lb
.148 mm (.006")

Sunline Small Game PE-HG

Sunline Small Game PE-HG, 150m<br> BraidSunline Small Game PE-HG, 150m
  • Extremely fine 8-strand braid (4 pairs) for excellent casting performance.
  • Sensitivity to detect the lightest bites - or the bottom.
  • Hi-Vis pink so you can see your line even in low light.
  • The strength you want when your "small game" turns out to be not as small as you expected.

6 lb

8 lb

Seaguar Yellow Hunter Fluorocarbon

Seaguar R18 Yellow Hunter, 100m - $20.50

  • Hi-Vis fluoroescent yellow color from Seaguar's patented technology provides excellent bite detection.
  • Suitable for wide range of applications, from bass fishing to trout areas to mountain streams.

4 lb
.165mm (.0065")


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