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A Must Read! You can get it Free!

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

The Modern Science of Spin-Fishing

The Modern Science of Spin-Fishing

If you spend some time on this website, there is a lot to learn. In the write-up on the Daiwa Iprimi 60XUL Chris talks about a book by Erne St. Claire called "The Modern Science of Spin Fishing." I'm going to just say it, "This book has revolutionized my casting!"

I was introduced to an expert stream spin caster who is from Pennsylvania, Frank Nale by Chris. Frank taught me through some of his written material and correspondence details on how to read the water and fish spinners in moving water. He took me to another level. This book has taken me up another level!

Until I got a copy of Erne's book, I thought I knew how to cast. Erne teaches three different casts with some variations on those three. The first two casts he teaches can be pretty much done with any rod. I went through my rods, and I was able to do the first two casts, the "overhead" and the "shorty." Of the rods that I have in my personal inventory, only be the Daiwa Iprimi 60XUL-4 can do the "fer-de-lance" cast. If you read the book and want to learn that cast, you will need a full flex rod. I would suggest you consult Chris as to the rod selections he may have that will work.

Why should you print this book off, and learn the techniques? Fishing Wilson Creek this week, I have never been so accurate. My casts have never been so effortless. For the first time, I felt relaxed when casting! I don't feel confident in the "fer-de-lance" to try it in the brush, but the "shorty" did the trick, and I caught fish! No, there isn't a video version of the book, but the illustrations are easy to follow. Reading a book that is frozen in time (1961) is very humorous at times and offensive at times! The equipment is dated, but that only makes one appreciate how far we have come. If you want to take your casting to a new level this book is a must read!

So how do you get the book? Just use your favorite search engine and type in "The Modern Art of Spin Fishing by Erne St. Claire PDF" and print it off! You will be happy you did!

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