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This is where you share your stories. Everybody has at least one. First trip, the one that got away, what worked and what didn't, or just a good story about finesse spinfishing or finesse baitcasting.

Your thoughts and comments might be just what it takes to persuade another angler that take a new look at ultralight spinfishing for trout, or even more radical, fishing an ultralight baitcaster for trout.

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Shimano BFS Epiphany

If you have an Adlebaran BFS XG or a Calcutta Conquest BFS HG, I may have some very good news for you! I took today off work to do just whatever I wanted to do. So, I went fishing! It was a beautiful sunny almost windless day. I saw a review of the Adlebaran where the guy was casting a 1 gram lure with it. He suggested that next time he was going to try it without the extra two magnets installed. I went out this morning without the two extra magnets.

Area Fishing

For those that are new to this forum, "Area Fishing" refers to place where fish are intentionally planted. They are popular in Japan, most are private. Where I live in Idaho there are 6 sort of "Area" fishing places near me. They are public waters, not private. The Idaho Fish and Game plant trout in all 6 of them. By definition, they are pressured waters. I used to avoid them at all costs.

Cast and no Blast

Sometimes everything goes as planned!   Leaving after lunch to do some upland game hunting with my two French Brittany Spaniels and then finish the day fishing one of my favorite little stretches turned out better than expected. 

Increase Your Landing Ratio

Want to increase your landing ratio when using plugs?

Replace your treble hooks and split rings by lashing mosquito hooks directly to the hook hangers on your plugs with spectra braid...

BFS Junkie

I just spent $170.00 on an Avail handle for my Calcutta Conquest BFS 101.


The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.