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Custom Built Rod

by Michael Prybis
(Greenwood, In)

I read the Extreme Ultralight Article in the June? 2005 In Fisherman magazine. This began my search for pushing the envelope of UL fishing. I went to Tenkara and Fly Fishing. Along the way I bought the blank used in that article from the Rodmakers Shop, which is currently out of business. I had intended to build this into a UL rod myself. Only thing is, I did not want to screw it up.

After years of this blank sitting in the corner and me only using Tenkara and Fly Fishing, I finally got around to getting this rod built. I contacted Jared Taylor of JTaylor Custom Rods to see about building this rod for me. After a couple of months I finally took delivery of the final product. I am truly taken back from the quality work he did on this. It is simple yet elegant.

While I have yet to really test this rod, I am able to cast 1/32 ounce jigs about 50' with a cheaper spinning reel and old worn out braid. I have my work cut out to be able to cast the 1/100 ounce like Bill says he is able to cast in the article.

I am currently awaiting an order of some spoons and other gear to try out on this rod. I will try to keep every posted how this turns out.

Mike Prybis

Comments for Custom Built Rod

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Oct 11, 2018
pretty rod
by: bill piatek

I looked up your rod on his facebook page. Nice!

I'll be curious to see how light of a lure you can cast. Even Joe Robinson only went down to 1/64 in his book.

Oct 12, 2018
Beautiful Rod!
by: Les Albjerg

I checked out your new rod out over on Facebook Mike. It looks like Jared Taylor does really nice work. I am looking forward to hearing more reports on your adventures with your new rod. It continues to amaze me how much more fun it is to fish with a sensitive rod and finesse gear.

I am curious as to the length of your rod? Is the plan to fish it in moving water or ponds and lakes most of the time?

Please keep us informed, and I hope you get a quality reel to match your new rod soon.

Oct 12, 2018
by: Mike Prybis

I am really loving this rod. The blank should be a 7’6" 2wt St. Croix Avid 2 piece. I definitely need to upgrade my real and line. While I await my order from Chris, I tried the smallest little cleo and little devil spoons. These really load the rod and cast an easy 60’ with ease. I landed one small largemouth this evening waiting for my wife to get home from work. Had a couple other strikes with no hookups.

Mar 28, 2019
Joe Robinson rod
by: Kelly Peterson (northern Wisconsin)

I purchased a 6' Joe Robinson signature rod that Temple fork Outfitters custom made for him. It utilized a 0 weight two piece fly rod blank and is 6 feet long with solid cork handle and the carbon fiber reel seat rings. It really loads well with light lures, 1/64 ounce Joe Robinson style jigs work really well with it and even can cast smaller ice type jigs enough distance to reach fish. In order to cast these jigs one needs a rod that can "load" up from the lure and this rod does that.

I think casting distance as in how far one can throw X lure is vastly over rated. But on the other hand I want to be able to cast very light jigs a reasonable distance to reach fish. What is reasonable-well anything up to 30 feet is enough for me, even 20-25 feet is plenty. If one gets too much line out there by throwing a "country mile" you lose control/feeling of these light jigs, especially when using braid which floats and raises your lure in the water column.

Been trying to find another of these rods but so far cannot. I'd like to shorten it on the butt end only still keeping the limber, light loading tip. Most rod makers when they make really short ultralight two piece rods end up making them stiffer by cutting off of both ends of longer rod blanks instead of making shorter ones especially for that purpose.

FYI, for those not familiar with Joe Robinson's book where he describes making his own jigs let me describe them. Using a fine wire, long shank Aberdeen hook which is ultra sharp, make a 90 degree bend right behind the eye.(Imagine what a jig hook looks like.) Then take a standard pinch type sinker and squeeze it together onto the hook right on this 90 degree bend. Squeeze it hard making it very narrow vertically. This narrow profile makes it sink faster. Then I use nail polish to color the heads, which Joe says is not necessary and I agree but still I think color helps. thread on your favorite plastic and tip with bait if you want and go fishing. My preference is 1" Gulp Alive minnows or The waxies. A short chunk of crawler works well too.

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