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Daiwa Ajing X 68L-S

by Rick
(Up state NY and Eastern shore MD. )

Hey all. I got my Ajing X 68L-S a few days ago. The quick and professional service that Chris provides. It is the only L rated JDM rod I have. All the rest are XUL and XXUL. I got the rod for fishing the salt marsh creeks of the eastern shore (Chesapeake Bay Maryland). I am using 6# braid and 4# fluoro leader.

Yesterday afternoon was a normal 5 hr. fishing of the incoming tide. I caught 25 - 30 white perch, 8-12" (kept 3 10-12"), 2 trout 10-12" and 10-12 Rock fish 14 - 18". This was a salt creek. In a creek that has some fresh water coming into it one can get largemouth and snakeheads.

With the 18" Rocks I am using the drag, but think the rod can handle keeper Rocks (20"). I am very happy with the rod. It is more versatile than I though it would be. I fished 1/16 oz - 1/4 oz jig heads , with 1/8 oz the most. It could become my go-too perch rod. Thanks Chris !!!

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