Daiwa Silver Creek Stream Twitcher

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The Daiwa Silver Creek Stream Twitcher spinning rods are an upgrade from the well known and well regarded Wise Stream Rods. They were designed with three main goals: (1) Pinpoint casting; (2) Imparting the desired action to the lure; and (3) providing different rod models designed specifically for different streams or different portions of a given stream, from narrow headwaters to wider rivers.

Daiwa Silver Creek Stream Twitcher 56LSilver Creek Stream Twitcher 56L
Angler holding brown trout with Daiwa Silver Creek Stream Twitcher 38UL in the backgroundDaiwa Silver Creek Stream Twitcher 38UL
Brown Trout

The Stream Twitcher 48L was designed with a taper for fishing either floating or sinking minnows - aggressive casting to small targets in the headwaters and smaller, high gradient mountain streams where quick hook sets and controlling fish in fast currents are critical.

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Native (stream)

3.1 oz
2 - 6 lb
2-9g (1/16-5/16oz)
Made in China


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