Finesse Fishing meets Golden Rainbow Trout

by Adam
(Central Pennsylvania )

Yesterday I went fishing at a stream in northern Pennsylvania. My line was 3 pound Sunline Troutist Darkness. I love this this line. It is a gray color that the fish can't see (and neither can I but I can see my lure). The lure was a Daiwa Crusader 2.5 gram blue silver spoon. I cast into an eddy that is on the far side of the stream with much darker water. It landed right at the far side and did not make a big spash. As I was reeling in I noticed something orange in the water. I didn't realize that I had a fish on the line yet since it was now in the current. As I continued to reel I realized I had a fish on and that fish was a golden rainbow trout. I landed him using my net. PA stocks these guys in the 14 to 20 inch range. Mine was 18 inches, which I released due to delayed harvest rules. I would have released anyway unless badly hooked though. This guy had a very big girth. What a thrill!! Sorry I don't have a picture.

On a side note, there is nothing golden about these guys. They are literally bright orange with a darker orange stripe in the middle horizontally. Google them if you are not familar. On a previous hole I easily spotted them in the water. Good stuff!

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.