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Fishing the San Juan

by Bill Piatek

Spent a few days up on the San Juan with a friend and the wives. The girls went sight seeing in CO while we fished various spots. Went to the "Texas Hole" where they launch the drift boats for floats. Used a XUL spinning rod and Crusaders and Lupins with 2# test. It was a many day for me, outfished the boats 6 to 1. Did lose one huge fish to a bad knot though.

One guide at lunch was amazed. He said he thought I was averaging a fish every couple of minutes. It's such a unique spot. You can see 16" fish tipping up within 6 feet of your feet.

It was probably the fact that everyone is fishing the same midges and San Juan worms where a spoon elicits a chase reaction.


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Oct 01, 2018
Lupin Spoons
by: Les Albjerg

Great Report! It was nice to hear a report about spoons. More and more I am finding the Lupin Spoons really attract the trout! On one of my "no tell'm" creeks, I fished three different spoons of the same color in 6 different pools. The Lupin was the only one where the trout followed, and then slammed it as the water shallowed. The trout were not going to let the Lupin get away! I ate my lunch and fished the other 4 pools with the Lupin and caught several fish out of each.

Oct 02, 2018
by: bill piatek

I agree, the Lupins are great. They seemed to work better than the 2.5 gm Crusaders at least in this spot. The weight was probably perfectly suited for the depth. I forgot to mention it's C&R only in that 4 mile stretch.

Lemonade, red & gold and Grepin colors worked great. I need to start experimenting with the 1.2 gm also.

I've experimented with cheap knockoffs and they just don't work as well. Life's too short and trips too few to scrimp.

BTW, bought one of the WooDreams to try. Best quality I've ever seen in a plug.


Oct 29, 2018
by: Alex Argyros

Nice report.

Could you tell me what kind of 2 lb. line you were using?


Oct 29, 2018
by: bill piatek

I was using Trilene XL in 2#. I'm cheap and they have $5 back coupons if you buy 2 330yd spools.

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