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Is it the Lure or Fishing Confidence

by A. G.
(Pennsylvania )

Hey Guys
Surprise! Trout season opened early in Pennsylvania! So I took my ultralight setup out last night for about an hour. Nothing doing until I went with my favorite lure. After tying on my Daiwa Crusader 2.5 gm green par spoon my evening immediately changed. Big rainbow on next cast. Sweet! A few casts later i caught a nice brook trout. Full disclosure, I also missed a brook trout. Where is the fun if you catch a fish on every strike? I consider myself a good trout fisherman. Better now with using Chris' products but still a work in progress.

So my question is is it the lure? Or do we fish more confidently when we have a go to lure which results in more strikes/catches?

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Apr 11, 2020
I'd say both!
by: Chris Stewart

I think both come into play. On any given day or any given stream, one lure might work better than another, but you might have learned how to fish a spoon more productively than a plug or a spinner. The Crusader Green Parr 2.5g spoon is your most productive lure, but some one else's most productive lure might be a Silver Creek Minnow 50S.

Still, confidence does matter because you fish differently. With a lure that you know works, you might EXPECT your next cast to produce a hit. You are ready for the hit. You try to make each cast accurate. If you fish a lure that has rarely worked for you, you expect each cast to be fruitless, so you slack off. You aren't as attentive on the retrieve or as careful with each cast's placement.

Apr 13, 2020
it changes
by: bill piatek

Well my confidence lure used to be my home made Mepps style spinners. They're still my buddy's lure but I've gone to spoons mostly. I switch up till I find a style and color that's working. On a small stream it's a 2.5 Crusader in red/gold or a Lupin in lemonade.

On lakes it's different where I need more distance. For that I use a heavier up to 1/4 oz. rod with the Thomas Cyclone 1/5 spoon. I switch out the hooks to the #6 Cultivas Chris sells. Copper, red/gold or silver are my go to colors. A lot of times the color will change as the day goes on and light changes.

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