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It was a gram day...

by Craig T

Rod: TenRyu Rayz Spectra 5’1”
Reel: ‘18 Daiwa Exist Finesse Custom LT1000S-P
Line: Sunline Small Game PE .4

Took a road trip to a place I haven’t been in a few years to see how well it has fared after a summer of heavy rains. The public area is a short half mile of the stream with private both up and down stream with no access. Definitely some changes, a couple bends are no longer sharp bends with pools but rounded riffles with a deeper run. Fish were hard to find but were definitely there, this is an area I used to fish regularly and was an unknown hole in the wall place. This has obviously changed as there were 3 cars on arrival and 8 when I left a couple hours later.

I started with my go to 3g Smith Edge spoon and quickly found that the first few fast runs I couldn’t keep the spoon down in the water when I remembered I had ordered a 4g Crusader from Chris. The 4g Crusader worked wonders as I worked a few fast runs. Another Finesse Fisher turned me on to the Micro Snap Swivels and that has made changing spoons quick and simple so I figured it was a great day to play around. I tie the swivel right to the PE .4 with a 10 turn Trilene Knot and there is no slippage, also makes it nearly bomb proof.

After moving to some slower water and finding trout hanging across the stream under a downed tree I figured I would have some luck. Switched back to a 3g Smith Drop spoon and no takers not even a glance, same when I tossed on a 2.2g Daiwa Adams. Flipping open my case I looked at my 1.2g Daiwa Lupins and was curious if I could get across the stream with something so light. Surprisingly I cast right across the 40 foot wide run and into the bank on the other side. Oops. A few casts to the trees and no takers so back to the spoon case I went.

Plucked out a 0.8g Daiwa Presso Vega in Nightmare and was amazed at how well this rod loaded up and easily cast it across the stream. A few casts and a missed trout later I hooked into a small Redhorse sucker. Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as this rod is rated for 1-7g lures but being such a huge range I figured there would have been some sacrifices.

This PE is super amazing and strong. I was able to retrieve from several hangups that should have cost me my spoon. Working back up stream and up to the top most pool had a few more misses on 2.2 and 3g spoons so upped my game back to the 4g Crusader and hit a small Brown that was twice the size of the Crusader. The next cast was this great Rainbow in the picture. He put up a hell of a fight in the deep pool.

Calling it a day to head back it was a great long weekend with 3 days and over 9 hours of wading streams in gorgeous 40+ degree days. I only wish I had played with the smaller spoons sooner.

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Dec 17, 2018
Size to Weight Ratio
by: Les Albjerg


First off, thanks for the great report! The Spectra is simply an amazing rod! One of the things that I realized on my one trip out this week is the importance of thinking about the size to weight ratio of a spoon. I have had awesome success with the Smith Edge spoons, but their relative area to their weight is fairly large, so they are much harder to get deep unless you are simply jigging them. The 0.8g Daiwa Presso Vega spoons even though they are less than a gram are quite heavy for their size. You have let the cat out of the bag on my secret weapon for winter spoon fishing. The .8 gram spoons as well as the relatively heavy to size spoon, the 1.2 Lupins, and of course the 4 gram Crusaders are great for winter fishing. I have also had great success with the Shimano Roll Swimmer and Slim Swimmer Spoons in the winter.

I'm sorry your honey hole is getting hammered. One thing I have learned is don't be afraid to ask for permission to fish on private land. When I lived in Wisconsin, I had about 15 miles of access to water through private lands. In Wisconsin if you can wade it you can fish it. Every state has different laws. So, know your laws! However, being able to cross a farmer's land made fishing easier, and I could fish longer. Don't be afraid to ask. I have permission here in Idaho on three places because I asked. Oh, and have a good truthful introduction. Mine goes something like this. After giving them your name, and some small talk, I tell them I am a catch and release fisherman, I also show them some of my gear emphasizing that I only use barbless hooks. I also show them the medium size trash bag I carry, and offer to pick up any trash I find along their stream. I also get their name and address so if I get asked who gave me permission I have it in my notebook. I also send them a thank you card the next week. If the fishing was good, I will often bring a small gift of appreciation the next time I go fishing or offer to help them out. On one farm in Wisconsin, I helped with the corn harvest and had year-round access to not only the stream, but a private pond. Finesse fisherman and women are ethical fisherman and women, so take advantage of your high standards. Who knows maybe you will make some new lifelong friends. As it says in the "Good Book", "You do not have because you do not ask." The worst thing a land owner can say, is "No." The other tool I have is onXmaps, a great investment. It is amazing to see the little pockets of state, county, or federal land where you can hunt or fish. It also gives you the name of the landowners. A friendly phone call may even be better than a knock on the door to get permission to fish.

Dec 18, 2018
by: Craig

Les, have you tried the .4g spoons with the Spectra?

Dec 18, 2018
,4 gram spoons
by: Les Albjerg


No I have not tried the .4 gram spoons. I have a spinning set-up with gear in a pack as well as a Tenkara-Keiryu set-up with gear in a pack. When I went to try a .4 gram, I realized they were in my Tenkara pack. I plan on giving them a try when I get out again. If needed I wouldn't hesitate to add one or two #10 Dinsmore split shot six to eight inches above the spoon, if I needed more distance or to get it deeper. It is hard to take off the .8 when they are working so good! I still can't believe how far the Spectra can cast a spoon that is less than a gram! I've been across into the bank and into the bushes more times than I want to admit.

Dec 18, 2018
.4 vs .8
by: Chris Stewart

The .4g spoons and the .8g spoons are the same size, the .8g is just stamped from thicker metal. Thus, in my mind the only reason to use a .4g spoon with a spinning rod rather than a .8g spoon is because the colors you want are out of stock on the .8g. Working on that.

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