I have gotten emails from several customers concerned that their packages have been lost because they are late and/or tracking data shows them to have been in the Jersey City sorting facility for days.

Those packages are now moving. Most have been delivered already.

Please understand that shopping online this year has been unprecedented, and the USPS, UPS and FedEx are trying to run beyond their capacity. In the 10 years I have been shipping packages, (thousands and thousands of packages), the USPS has NEVER lost a Priority Mail package, and has lost only two or three First Class packages. Please be patient. Your packages will arrive.

Living the WooDream...

by Craig
(Cedar Rapids, IA )

My setup.

My setup.

After rain and snow with a freak low front pushing through I stayed close to home and made a trip to the urban trout stream. I’ve been playing with tuning my Abu Revo LTX-BF8 with new bearings, handle and knobs, pairing it with the Tenryu Rayz RZ53UL-BC. Spooled up with some Varivas Sight Edition in 4lb test I was headed down the road with a small selection of WooDreams in tow.

After bypassing some construction I parked down on the side of the trail and walked down stream a bit. Working my way down the hill I tucked behind a tree and slowly worked out into the water a bit. Made a couple of casts and missed my first fish, next cast I had a fish on then he got away after an aerial display. Couple of casts later I had a solid tug at the end of the line, felt bigger than the usual fish I’ve caught. A solid brown came to net as my first fish. A few more casts later and I hooked another. He quickly came up to the surface and flung the lure into a nearby brush pile. After retieing, and a couple more casts with nothing it was time to work upstream a bit more.

At the next bend it was a banner hole with lots of solid hits, several lost fish and many fish to net. Lots of brookies were hanging in this hole and for a solid 20 minutes it was fish after fish. I tested all of my WooDreams it was fun to watch the different actions of each style. If you haven’t tried these out I highly recommend the investment. They react much differently than any of the traditional lures I’ve used.

All in all I lost count of the number of fish that came to hand, the number of fish that I lost after a brief fight, and a handful of missed connections.

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.