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Lots of hookups but few landed

by bill piatek

I was out yesterday with a UL (not XUL) rod fishing a local river. Tried spoons and #1 french spinners with no luck. Finally switched to Berkley Floating Trout worms on a Cultiva #12 barbless hook and a small splitshot. That was the ticket with either a red or 1 1/2" section of worm wacky rigged.

Had 5 hookups in 5 casts but only one fish landed. All were brought to the surface and 15-17". Then they shut off on red and started hitting pink. But the rig was snagging quite a bit on the rocky bottom. So I tried the Ajing jig heads with the worm. No hits that way so I'm guessing it was the swaying in the current that did the trick.

So next time will be the #8 Cultiva hooks and maybe straight rigged. I also need to change the weight setup for less hangups.

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