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Over The Moon with the Lunakia

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, ID)

12 inch bass

12 inch bass

A saltwater rod, for freshwater finesse fishing? Only Chris Stewart would think of that application. I went out for an hour today with the Tenryu Lunakia LK610S-MLT that came in the mail yesterday. The first thing I noticed when I unpacked the rod is the fit and finish rivals any custom rod out there. The second thing I noticed is the rod felt stiff. That said, you don't fish the rod without a line or lure on it!

I was hoping to catch some sunfish today. However, the only taker today was a nice 12 inch bass. It put the rod through its paces. The first thing I noticed was how many eyes Tenryu puts on this rod. Seven guides plus the tip. I think this was engineered by them. The stiffness goes away as soon as you begin casting. The guides have incredibly small eyes on the upper section.

I began fishing with a Cultiva Jighead 1 gram and a Cultiva Pinworm. The first thing I noticed is I could feel the jighead bounce on the bottom. I could also feel several small fish tapping the bait. I didn't catch any of them. I switched to a different soft plastic, and had the same results. Casting this rod is a dream! It is well balanced with both of the premium Shimano reels that I have. It didn't take long to get the feel of the rod.

The light was fading, and I wanted to try it with a spoon. I put on a 4 gram spoon that I got from a guy in Maine. On the 4th cast with it, the bass in the picture slammed it. Now I began to understand why so many guides. The bend in the rod was amazing. According to Tenyru it is suppose to have a parabolic bend and it does! The rod comes alive with a fish on! The reel seat is graphite Nishijin weave. It is not only beautiful, it is light and transmits every move the fish makes.

This is going to be a great rod for catching winter planted trout at the various ponds. Spring fishing for sunfish and frappies is going to be amazing. This rod will handle the perch I go after as well. It is everything I was hoping for. With a quality reel, I do think this rod can handle 90% of what I catch in lakes and ponds. The 12 inch bass made 4 nice runs, and I never felt like the Lunakia was even getting close to being maxed out. I enjoyed the battle. Twice he ran toward me, and I could feel the pulsing of his tail! He did a quick turn to the right and I was able to drop the rod and keep him under control. It was a lot of fun!

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Oct 30, 2018
At the top.
by: Randy

I own quite a few high end Ajing rods. I just received my 2018 Lunakia this past week. I have to say it is at the top of the line in that price range. As a matter of fact it is probably a bargain at that price point.

Oct 31, 2018
by: Les Albjerg

Randy - Since it sounds like you have fished Aijing rods more than most of us, do you have some insights in rigs and techniques that you are willing to share? I'm hoping to get out tomorrow morning again with mine. My one fish experience has lead me to want more!

Nov 03, 2018
by: Randy

Les I have a few insights to fishing with Ajing rods....or I should say experience. I’m very one dimentional in my fishing......I use a Trout Magnet for 95 percent of my fishing. But it has served me well. Ajing rods are perfect for micro jigs. I catch multi specie with Ajing rods. They shine for trout....small mouth....big bluegill....white bass.....and largemouth. While they are great for bite detection for crappie the action is too stiff when fighting a crappie, and you will lose a lot of crappie fighting them in. As was pointed out to me by Chris these rods are designed for a specific type of line. I now fish Japanese lines on my rods and am much more pleased with the performance. Chris is right.....why pay 300 bucks for a rod then try to scrimp out and save a little bit of money and miss out on much better performance. I can also tell you the light game jig heads out of Japan will also enhance your fishing if you are using soft plastics. The hooks on those jig heads are needle sharp....much easier to thread line into also. Using those jig heads, with an Ajing rod is something you need to experience.....the fast action of the rod and the super sharp jig heads the fish more often than not hook them selves. I would also try some "ester’ monofilament with your Ajing and Mebaru rods. While the polyester line can be a bear to manage the sensitivity and fun factor is something one needs to experience.

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