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Palms SpinWalk Clevis Spinners

by Greg D.
(New Mexico)

Never been a fan of inline spinners.

In my old spinning gear treble hook days, spinners seem to snag everything and always twist up my line. Sure, I could add a big ole' swivel snap but that just seem to appear too unnatural. I know they work, my good friend swears by Panther Martins, but I just didn't like spinners.

Impressed with the built-in swivel, I decided to give some of these JDM spinners a try. I've found the entire spinner to be very impressive.

After the brilliant built in swivel I noticed the strong clevis holding the blade which spins very freely. Also the body is made in a keel design that always runs true.

Next is a bead on the butt of the spinner. Kind of a take off from the Frank Nale design. I really think there is something about that bead that attracts fish. Then of course a single, replaceable hook. I always carry extra hooks with me in case I damage one on a snag. They are super easy to replace on stream.

I have fished the 3 gram model on my BFS gear and they cast great. I just got a couple of the 2.6 gram to try. The main difference I see is the blade size.

I also have found good success with the Smith Niakis Spinners. Next I'm going to try a couple of the Smith AR-S Spinners and see if they can out-fish my buddies Panther Martins. I have confidence!

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Nov 04, 2019
panther martins
by: billp

I never have much luck with them either here in NM. My home brew #1 french spinners seem it work better for me. Either silver or brass. Copper has been a great spoon color for me the last few years but not in spinners.

Nov 18, 2019
Spin Fest on the Boise River
by: Les Albjerg

The JDM spinners are the Bomb! My friend Travis called me to see if we could get a couple of hours of fishing in. Travis is a spin fishing expert of well over 20 years. It is the only way he fishes. His favorite spinner is the Panther-Martin. We met at the Boise river and I suggested that we do some comparing. He is always suspect of me when I come up with these hair-brain ideas. However when I pulled out the Smith AR-S Copper Brown, he got excited. He said, "That looks like one of my favorite Panther-Martin spinners!" I suggested that he fish his lure for an hour and then we swap for an hour. We would both use a direct tie.

In the first hour, I caught and released 4 rainbows and 1 brown trout. In the first hour, Travis caught 3 rainbows. In the second hour, on his Panther-Martin, I caught 2 rainbows and 1 brown. Travis caught 8 rainbows and 3 browns on the Smith AR-S! I said he was an expert spin fisherman!

Even with the success, he couldn't get over the single barbless hook. He also balked at the price. I told him, in two hours of fishing, the cost per fish was cheaper with the Smith spinner. I also let him have it with the fact that I had to cut off 10 feet of my JDM line due to the line twist caused by the Panther-Martin! When I told him that he said, "yeh that swivel does make a big difference." I mentioned how many fewer hang-ups happened with the single hook verse the treble hook. He is fixated on treble hooks. I asked him how many fish he thought he lost due to a single hook. He couldn't think of any! He said, "I landed every solid hook-up." I'm not sure he is convinced, but I am.

On the way back to the parking area, I switched to a Smith Niakis 3 gram Black Gold. I caught a nice 15 inch brown, and several rainbows. In my book the JDM spinners are superior. Considering that the Japanese fisherman are often paying 20 to 35 dollars to fish for one day, spending a little extra for a good lure is a small part of the equation.

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