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Palms SpinWalk Clevis Spinners

by Greg D.
(New Mexico)

Spinwalk Clevis spinner with baitcaster

Spinwalk Clevis spinner with baitcaster

Never been a fan of inline spinners.

In my old spinning gear treble hook days, spinners seem to snag everything and always twist up my line. Sure, I could add a big ole' swivel snap but that just seem to appear too unnatural. I know they work, my good friend swears by Panther Martins, but I just didn't like spinners.

Impressed with the built-in swivel, I decided to give some of these JDM spinners a try. I've found the entire spinner to be very impressive.

After the brilliant built in swivel I noticed the strong clevis holding the blade which spins very freely. Also the body is made in a keel design that always runs true.

Next is a bead on the butt of the spinner. Kind of a take off from the Frank Nale design. I really think there is something about that bead that attracts fish. Then of course a single, replaceable hook. I always carry extra hooks with me in case I damage one on a snag. They are super easy to replace on stream.

I have fished the 3 gram model on my BFS gear and they cast great. I just got a couple of the 2.6 gram to try. The main difference I see is the blade size.

I also have found good success with the Smith Niakis Spinners. Next I'm going to try a couple of the Smith AR-S Spinners and see if they can out-fish my buddies Panther Martins. I have confidence!

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.