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Rockfish Ultralight Finesse Rods

by FredinArizona

Anyone try the Rockfish Ultralight Finesse Rods?

Got to handle one in England a couple of months ago. Looking for one here in US. Would seem way to go for our American Ponds, Lakes, Streams, and Rivers.

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Sep 15, 2018
Which ones
by: bill piatek

Are you referring to the Ajing and Mebaru rods Chris sells here or the British style light rock fishing?


Sep 15, 2018
by: bill piatek

Now I see what you were asking, the HTM Rockfish rod from Tronix.


Sep 22, 2018
Major Craft N-One Bait finesse
by: Greg

Hey FredinArizona, Not sure if what I have is something you are referring to but might be worth a share. I have two of the Major Craft N-One bait Finesse "Rockfish" rods. Models NSL-S702UL/BF and NSL-T732UL/BF. The S model is a solid tip while the T model is a tubular tip. Not much difference between them but for some reason I prefer the tubular tip. As far as the action I can tell you they are quite different than anything I've ever handled. It took a little while getting use to casting and fishing them. What they are unbelievable at is these tips are so flexible I find that fish such as bluegill, perch and walleye will hold on so much longer I assume cause they don't feel the rod but meanwhile the butt of these rods is quite powerful and capable of landing large fish. You really have to slow your cast down to accommodate the slow tip and I also find that braid line will greatly enhance feel. I've been experimenting with Gliss. These rods are just so soft that I couldn't detects strikes with mono line. As of now I'd have to say I have not found a better rod for bluegill and perch. My catch rate has gone way up as compared when I was using faster rods. The methods I'm referring to are doing drop shot style in deeper water from boat. I don't care much to use these rods as a cast/retrieve style. The tips are just so flexing that they hard to cast accurately.I wasn't sure at first if I really liked them but once I learned their positive attributes and put them to use where that would help I found them to be amazing for the purpose. Hope this info is useful

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