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by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)



Yesterday was our fall perch fishing day at Lake Cascade. One of the big motivations for buying the Tenryu Lunakia LK6102S-MLT was to target perch. It was a fantastic day! The Lunakia performed beyond all expectations. The perch were biting, but it was a light bite. In other words, the sensitivity of the Lunakia really shined! It was a cool, sunny, windless day on the water. One awesome day to be out on the water!

The first 3 fish of the day fell to the Lunakia. The C'ultiva JH-85 Jig Heads in 1.7 gram size performed flawlessly with various soft plastics including the C'ultiva Pinworm. In terms of Cascade Lake it was a slow day. I ended up with a dozen keepers.

Geoff, my fishing buddy caught a very nice rainbow trout. I was pondering what I would do if a 16 plus inch rainbow slammed the Lunakia. The larger 1.5 pound perch were giving the Lunakia a good workout. Actually all I wanted, exciting fishing! I wasn't maxing the rod out, but could enjoy all of the action a perch could give!

All of a sudden I had a nice "tap - tap" on the line, and set the hook. I wasn't prepared for what happened next! The rod took a full bend, and the line was ripping off the reel at an unbelievable rate. Geoff and Scott insisted that I must have a really nice trout on! It was a 8-10 minute battle! The fish made 3 awesome runs before coming to the net! As the fish came out of the deep, I was expecting the silver of a rainbow, but it was the golden glow of the big sucker in the picture. The tale of the tape on this fish is that it was 24 and 3/4 inches long and weighed in a 5 and 1/3 pounds.

So, for those who wonder how these Ajing rods can handle bigger fish, wonder no longer. Paired with a good reel, they are awesome! Not once did I feel I had bottomed out the rod, even though I did tighten the drag to the max for the 3 pound JDM line I was fishing with. My favorite comment of the day was when Scott said, "It looks like you are having way more fun catching fish than I am on that ultra-light outfit." I just smiled.

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Oct 13, 2019
Great catch
by: Chris Stewart

That is one nice fish!

Trout, sucker, mountain whitefish, fallfish - I don't care!

The fight is the fun part. Who cares what kind of fish it is?

I'll bet your friend Scott was right. You probably had way more fun than he did.

Oct 13, 2019
by: Les Albjerg

Chris - You are right, the memories will last longer than the lingering taste of the fine perch fillets.

I was kind, and re-rigged Scott's line with a C'ultiva JH-85 Jig Head and a Eurotackle B-Vib plastic. He then began catching fish. I wasn't counting, but I'm sure I was catching at least a 3-1 ratio over my buddies due to the sensitivity of my JDM outfit.

Oct 13, 2019
Really Cool!
by: Greg D

Great Catch Les. Lake looks awesome and those perch are huge. Might have to visit this place.

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