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Sunline Troutist 4lb Wild spinning line - no tippet

by Tim
(St. Louis MO USA)

I was reading how Chris adds tippet to his hi-vis spinning line. I had a record day today fishing Sunline's Troutist 4lb Wild line tied directly to Crusader spoons (no tippet, no swivel ... just tied to the Crusader's split ring). Even though it was flat, slow water, nearly every cast produced a hit or a fish. I'm really happy with this line; it's a perfect match for my Tenryu Rayz Integral rod, Shimano Cardiff reel, and 2.5g Crusaders. I cast directly across the stream, let the Crusader sink for a 5 count, then slow-retrieved with an occasional twitch. The hi-vis line color doesn't seem to bother our SW Missouri trout. I think they are mesmerized by the Crusader!

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Dec 06, 2018
by: Randy

Congrats on your day. Once one starts fishng the Japanese lines you don’t want to go back to the lines on the US domestic market.

Dec 06, 2018
Crusaders and JDM Line can't be beat!
by: Les Albjerg

Tim - It sounds like you had a blast fishing! It is hard to beat the JDM lines and spoons. I really like the Sunline Troutist Area Meister. It has a two meter stealthy smoke every 10 meters. I used to just tie the spoon on, but have discovered that you get a nicer wobble with a swivel somewhere in the system.

My newest rendition is that I tied a tippet ring to the Sunline Troutist line so I can still thread it through the small eyes of both of my JDM spinning rods. I have made up several leaders with 18 inches of Varivas Master Spec 6x fluorocarbon tippet and a Cultiva Micro Snap Swivel on one end with a Cultiva Tairiki Snap on the other end. Sure it takes some time to make up leaders, but I do it watching TV shows with the wife. Set-ups are much quicker as well as changing spoons. I examine the leader after every fish, and change out leaders every 4-6 fish. I recycle the hardware with new tippet material when I get home. I haven't lost a spoon or a fish due to line breakage since doing this. I have had zero line twist issues either! After every session, I cut a little of the main line off and retie the tippet ring. Sounds like more work than it is, but it has lead to some very carefree fishing, especially with the light is fading on my older eyes.

Dec 06, 2018
Casting Accuracy?
by: Chris Stewart

Les, since the snap will not pass through the tip guide, you have to cast with at least 18" of line beyond the rod tip. Does that affect your casting accuracy?

Dec 06, 2018
18 inches for River Fishing
by: Les Albjerg

Chris - No, my accuracy is just fine using the underhand flip cast taught by Frank Nale. I do tie up some 12 and 8 inch leaders for lake fishing. It makes an overhand or side cast much easier. In one respect it has helped accuracy because the length of line I leave out for the cast is always the same. I have only tried this for three sessions so far, and the longer leaders work really great with the longer Tenyru Lunakai rod. I also used this set-up last fall 8 to 10 times (minus the Cultiva Tairiki Snap) with the Tenyru Spectra on 3 different streams and it worked well. I used 18 inches of tippet as well. I think one could vary the length of the tippet to meet their fishing situation. There is nothing magical about an 18 inch leader. I guess it goes back to my fly fishing roots. That was my normal tippet length to start my day with! Old habits......

Dec 06, 2018
by: Tim

Thanks for the suggestion regarding pre-tied leaders. I’m relatively new to fishing and I’ve also heard about that approach from kayak bass fisherman. Although I tied on directly to my spoon with great success, I did have a few line breaks late in the day. A leader would undoubtedly help with that ... as long as I remember to inspect/change them! :-)

Dec 07, 2018
Tough to Get!
by: Les Albjerg

Tim - I have become much more cautious with my spoons because they are precious! That is what has lead me to retie (re-rig) much more often than I have before. It seems as that the ones that work the best in Idaho work great everywhere, and the "Out of Stock" shows up when I need to re-order due to lost spoons.

I have noticed the JDM lines tolerate line twist better than the stuff I was using before, but keeping my line in pristine condition is important too. JDM isn't a $100.00 fly line, but it isn't cheap either. It also seems to have the dreaded "out of stock" show up as well. Thus I have been stockpiling a some when it is in stock! I don't want to be a line hog, but I hate not having what works best!

Dec 07, 2018
Line inspection - what to look for
by: Tim

What specifically am I looking for when inspecting my line? I took a look last night and really couldn’t see or feel any damage, but I’m not sure what the tell-tale signs are.

Dec 07, 2018
Signs of abrasion
by: Chris Stewart

If the line is abraded by rocks (or fish teeth when bass fishing) you will be able to tell. Instead of being smooth, the surface of the line is rough.

If you have any sandpaper, run some line over the sandpaper a bit. That will give you a good clue.

Dec 08, 2018
Tippet ring?
by: Kelly Peterson

Les, what is a tippet ring? Any pictures?

Also, of your pre tied leaders which end goes on the spoon, swivel or snap?

Thanks, Kelly

Dec 08, 2018
Tippet ring
by: Chris Stewart

Kelly, I can't add a photo to this thread, but picture a small metal ring just 2mm in diameter. Probably about the size of the "o" in "of". They make it easy to tie leaders to lines because both the leader and the line are tied to the ring. Thus, you can cut off the leader and tie on a new one without losing any length from the line (which would happen if you tied the leader to the line with a blood knot, surgeon's knot or any other knot). You can also join lines of different diameters, which is tricky with most knots.

If you look on the TenkaraBum site, on the Keiryu Accessories page, there is a link to a Tippet Ring page.

Dec 18, 2018
testing line
by: bill piatek

I moisten my lips and run the line through them. You'll feel the rough spots.

Jan 16, 2019
by: bill piatek

I bought some 4# Darkness when Chris was out of 3#. Took it out on a dismal gray day yesterday but I couldn't see the stuff! :-/

Seriously I have ok vision but it must have taken 10 minutes to thread up my rod and tie on a swivel. I think I'm going to have to thread up ahead of time.

The rest of the qualities are top notch, soft & castable.

Jan 17, 2019
by: Chris Stewart

The Darkness is a great line if you are fishing lakes (and you can string up your rod in good light). The gray smoke color reduces glare off the line and also what is called "light piping" which is when the fishing line effectively becomes a fiber optic and light that entered the line above the water's surface shines out the end of the line.

It is very stealthy for highly pressured fish but I'd have to say I prefer a little less stealth. Like Bill, I want to be able to see the line to rig the rod. More important for me, I want to be able to see the line so I can stop a cast before it goes into the bushes on the far bank. With a highly visible line, that is a lot easier.

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