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Ultralight setup issue

by Fitri
(Malaysia )

I want to know about Ultralights fishing rules and setup, like reel drag below 5kg or 3kg... because some people say 3kg only for Ultralight.. if above 3kg it's say light... but my rod and mainline still 6lbs

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Dec 29, 2019
Light or ultralight
by: Chris Stewart

I don't think there are rules that must be followed. What is important is to match the rod to the lures you want to fish. If you want to fish very light lures, you will need a rod that is capable of casting very light lures. Also, very light lures will cast further and more easily on a lighter line.

If the fish you are trying to catch are too strong for a very light line, they are large enough to take larger (heavier) lures (and you will need a rod that is rated for the heavier lures, and line that is strong enough to handle the fish.

Whether someone calls the set up light or ultralight isn't important. What is important is that the line is light enough to cast the lures well but strong enough to land the fish, and the rod is rated for the line and lures you use.

The drag has to be set loose enough that a sudden pull by the fish won't break the line, but not so loose that it doesn't provide any resistance to tire the fish.

Jan 01, 2020
Who, What Rules???
by: Greg D

The only rules you need to know is fish legally, fish ethically and fish with passion. If you need more rules than that I suggest you take up fly fishing

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