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What a surprise

by Luke

Let me just start by saying I have been a die hard fly fisherman for most of my life. I started out with a spinning rod when I was younger but was convinced it was cheating if I didn’t catch trout on a fly rod.

I read a quote recently that in the last 40 years ultralight spin tackle has gotten better and purists have taken over fly fishing. That’s a pretty true statement. I was tired of that band wagon (I still love fly fishing and tenkara fishing but I needed a break).

Well, I recently received the Tenryu Rayz RZ53UL from Chris, when I compare prices of my fly fishing rods and reels even the top of the line spin gear is WAY below what I was paying for a set up. Also, if I’m going to do something I want good equipment and I believe this rod is just that!

I was fishing this small headwater stream that dumps into a good size lake. Mostly catching small browns, which was what I was targeting. I was working a hole by some brush when I saw a BIG flash. I thought wow must have been a big stockie. Threw his way again and wham! What a fight, this was a great size smallie. Measured in at 16 inches, he was definitely king of the hole.

Of all the times I fly fished here aside from one chain pickerel I never caught or saw a smallmouth. I landed 2 on this day, not to mention lots and lots of little browns - which feel great on the rod by the way.

I haven’t had this much fun fishing in a long time, I feel like I did when I was a kid just fishin' the stream behind my house. The rod is definitely light enough to throw little spoons and jigs, and also makes the 6 inchers feel good. But as I have attested it can handle a pretty large fish! And this wasn’t in still water there was some good movement. Not rapids by any means but what you would expect on a smaller stream where you would fish this rod.

All and all I think I’m going to keep exploring this new way (to me that is) of fishing!

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.