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What makes a fishing session?

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

Time for a learning

Time for a learning

Horror of all horrors! Someone was fishing in "my spot." Last week while driving home, crossing over Indian Creek, there was a vehicle parked and as I looked down I saw a young girl (10ish) with a closed face reel and rod fishing with her Dad in "my spot." It is amazing how possessive we can become. That was my initial reaction. I was less than 200 yards past when I smiled and did a 180, and thought, "great her Dad has her out fishing." A new generation of our sport is being developed.

So what constitutes a fishing session? I like that word, "session." I stole it from the British fishing videos I have watched. I like the word "peg" too. I had 15 minutes today to fish on my way to work. I cross over Indian Creek 10 times a week. For me, a session is at least 10 casts. I know that is arbitrary. A session is also a time of learning.

I for one, want to be competent when I drive an hour or more to a great fishing spot. The only way that is going to happen is practice! Indian Creek is not a great fishing spot! It is very convenient however. I am trying to get 3 sessions a week in either on my way to work or from work. This is building familiarity with my equipment, and teaching me the range of effective action on the new spoons and lures that I am using.

It looks like Chris is out of the Forest Tournament Spoons. I was fishing the #6 again today. On the first 3 casts, I fished it too fast. On the 6th cast I got a nice bump from a fish! I have caught fish here before, trout and pike minnows. However, the current has increased just enough that this really wasn't the right spoon for today. I worked on my casting techniques today. Primarily the underhand two handed cast as well as the short compact "circle" cast that you often see on Japanese videos. It was a great session! I just love the Tenyru RZ39LL. On this small stream 3 feet 9 inches is perfect! It has way more power than it should have for being so short.

I share my story to encourage you to find a convenient place to practice. Maybe even one that has some fish! I could easily go over the hill to Lake Lowell and practice, but practicing in still water does not develop the skills for fishing moving water.

Last but not least, I have hope! Just behind me (not in the picture) is my fishing and hunting buddy Geoff's uncle's former wrecking yard. Geoff caught an 18 inch rainbow from this stretch of water! Pike minnows put up a good fight too!

Get out there and enjoy some "sessions." With practice, I am finding all kinds of exciting possibilities with the JDM equipment that I now have! My equipment is way better than me now!

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