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Spinning for Fresh and Salt Water Fish of North America

A. J. McClane

Spinning for Fresh and Salt Water Fish of North America

The authoritative guide to this exciting new way of landing big fish. Gives specific, complete information about reels, rods, lines, leaders, and lures --  who makes them, which is best for what and when, and how to use them. Loaded with practical tips and pointers on spinning successfully for all types of fresh and salt water fish, taken from the author's own broad experience. Richly illustrated, spiced with actual spinning experiences and lively anecdotes.

Prentice Hall, New York 1952
Hardbound, 280 pages
8 1/2  x 6 in.

Two copies, both in fair Condition.
1. Torn dust jacket, previous owner's writing inside cover.
2. No dust jacket, used book price inside cover.



Chapter One   History

             Two    The Reel

             Three  The rod

             Four    The Line

             Five      First Casts

             Six        Lures

             Seven   Panfish

             Eight     Pacific Salmon and Steelhead

             Nine      Trout

             Ten         The Black Bass

             Eleven     The Pike Family

             Twelve     Live Bait

              Thirteen  Salt Water


Two copies are available, one has the dust jacket the other does not.

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.