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Finesse-Fishing Blog

The Finesse-Fishing Blog will highlight new pages on the site and follow developments in ultralight spinfishing and ultralight baitcasting for trout.

Increase Your Landing Ratio

Want to increase your landing ratio when using plugs? Replace your treble hooks and split rings by lashing mosquito hooks directly to the hook hangers

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I just spent $170.00 on an Avail handle for my Calcutta Conquest BFS 101. ABE GASPAR (Recovering fly fisherman) P.S. PLEASE don't tell my wife.

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Shimano Cardiff Baitcasters

Shimano Cardiff Baitcasters, particularly the 3-piece B42UL-3 and B47UL-3, are very capable, very convenient baitcasters ideally suited for headwaters and other small streams.

Ever since I got my first baitcaster designed for trout fishing in streams I have wanted a shorter 3 or 4 piece model for headwaters steams. A 3 or 4 piece rod is better for backpacking, and it is also better for fishing a narrow stream.

Shimano Cardiff NS B42UL-3

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Great Line - Two hours of Fishing

A line review? You bet! I drew an archery antelope tag and went out scouting yesterday. The scouting was frustrating. A blind on a water hole I thought

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European Article On Ultralight Spinning

Since links are not allowed, do a Google search for “The Origins of Ultra-Light Spinning”, by Hans van der Pauw. Nice to find write ups on ultralight

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.