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A Close Look at the Shimano Exlead S57SUL/R-GS

I must make a confession, I'm prejudiced against rods with skeleton handles and solid tips. The Shimano Cardiff Exlead S57UL/R-GS has both!

I have 3 JDM rods that have very functional and comfortable skeleton handles. There not as beautiful as the Tenyru handles, but in many ways I find them more functional. The handle on the Exlead is very comfortable and functional.

After testing several very ultra light rods, and even building one, have finally I found what I have been looking for? I can answer the question with a resounding yes!

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A Close Look at the Daiwa Presso ST 56XUL

I have had the chance to fish the Daiwa Presso ST 56XUL for the past two weeks. Chris' review is of the 4-piece rod. I fished the 2-piece rod.

I own the Daiwa Iprimi 60XUL-4. I also compared the rod to the Shimano Cardiff Exlead S57SUL/R-GS. I'll just say it, you really do get what you pay for. The Presso ST is in between the other two rods. I was able to fish the Presso ST in a pond, a spring,and a creek.

Fishing this rod is a real joy.

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Spoon Fed Trout

About a month ago I received a Daiwa Presso Eve spoon in Gold Dust that weighs 1.2 grams and a Daiwa Presso Eve Gekiatsu spoon in Gold Dust that weighs 2.5 grams. These two spoons are the same size and shape. The only difference is the thickness of the metal. The Gekiatsu at 2.5 grams looks as thick as a brick! To be honest, I had really gravitated to fishing spinners most of the time. I fished 3 of the "Area" ponds close to where I live over the last three weeks. I've been able to do a lot of fishing, so I'm a happy guy!

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Daiwa Presso ST

The Daiwa Presso ST 53XUL-4 is a rod I have awaited eagerly. I first learned in August that Daiwa was planning to produce it. I ordered one immediately and a few more days later. They just came, in December, right before a blizzard blew in. I've had the Presso ST 56XUL in the shop for a while now, but it is the 53XUL-4 that has me excited.

Daiwa Presso ST 53XUL-4

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Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

Selected items on sale Black Friday - Cyber Monday. 10 - 30% off regular prices.

Sale prices for in-stock items only.

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Area Fishing

For those that are new to this forum, "Area Fishing" refers to place where fish are intentionally planted. They are popular in Japan, most are private. Where I live in Idaho there are 6 sort of "Area" fishing places near me. They are public waters, not private. The Idaho Fish and Game plant trout in all 6 of them. By definition, they are pressured waters. I used to avoid them at all costs.

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