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The JDM Spinners Shop brings Japanese lure design to American anglers who prefer spinners. In Japan, spoons are more popular in lakes, and minnow plugs are more popular in streams. In the US, spinners are more popular by far!

Given that Finesse-Fishing has carried a wide (and growing) selection of spoons and plugs, but up until now no spinners, you might think that I am dead set against spinners. That is not the case. I've just never been happy with spinners that are readily available in the US.

Nearly all come with the predictable barbed treble hook. If you look hard enough, you might find some single hook spinners, but only with ungainly barbed Siwash hooks.

The spinners I've chosen to carry have a different design philosophy. First they come with a built-in swivel to reduce line twist. Second, they come with a single barbless or micro-barbed hook.

Smith Niakis

Some months ago I got a nice compliment on the site from a truly international angler (lives in South Africa but has fished all over the world). However, he said that he didn't understand why I didn't stock the Smith Niakis spinner. I replied that I had a bias against spinners because they cause line twist. He said the Niakis doesn't. In his words they "genuinely don't twist line and are lethal on panfish, bass, trout you name it. Clever design, built in power swivel and offset bodies. These Smith spinners are the real deal, fished them lots on mono, no line twist."

Smith Niakis 3 gram gold spinner

The Smith Niakis is obviously not the same design as the Palms SpinWalk Clevis but both share several design elements that I believe set them apart from the spinners that are readily available here in the US.

  • Built-in swivel to reduce line twist
  • Stirrup rather than folded clevis (spins more easily)
  • Single hook (micro-barb), split ring attachment

It is very rare to see a split ring to attach the hook on a spinner but it is valuable for two reasons. First, it allows you to change the hook if it gets bent, broken or dull. Second, it acts like a universal joint and greatly reduces  the chance that a twisting trout can get leverage to twist the hook out.

The Smith Niakis comes in more weights and colors than I could possibly stock. I'll start with the gold spinner in the 3 gram weight (just over 1/10 oz). The 3g Niakis comes with a size 1 swing blade and a size 8 Gamakatsu hook. The Niakis also comes very highly recommended.

Out of stock

Smith Niakis 3 gram Gold - $10

Palms SpinWalk Clevis

The Palms SpinWalk Clevis spinner comes in two sizes and 10 color combinations. I always seem to start with a small first order, run out of stock, and then order more sizes and more colors. I suspect that will be the case with spinners, too. To start with, I only have one size and two colors.

Palms SpinWalk Clevis spinners come in 2.6 or 3.0 gram weights.

Currently, I have the 3 gram spinners, which are just over 1/10 oz. They come with a single barbless size 4 hook. The French blade is a little larger than a size 1 but quite a bit smaller than a size 2.

Palms SpinWalk Clevis
Gold, Matte Gold
Palms SpinWalk Clevis
Silver, Yellow

These spinners have several design features that I think sets them apart from the average spinner you can get in the US.

  • Built-in swivel to reduce line twist
  • Stirrup rather than folded clevis (spins more easily)
  • Keel-shaped weight reduces snags
  • Single barbless hook, split ring attachment
Palms SpinWalk CV3
Gold, Matte Gold - $10

Out of stock

Palms SpinWalk CV3
Silver, Yellow - $10

Out of stock

More spinners have been ordered - both sizes and more colors.


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