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Smith AR-S Single Hook Spinners

The same international angler who recommended the Smith Niakis spinners to me also recommended the Smith AR-S spinners. The basic design is similar to the familiar Panther Martin, but the Smith AR-S SH model comes with a built-in swivel and a single hook.  As he told me with the Niakis, "these Smith spinners are the real deal, fished them lots on mono, no line twist."

Smith makes several models of the AR-S spinner. The ones I carried on are intended for fishing in Areas (private pay-to-fish lakes), and come with a single, barbless size 8 hook (with split ring attachment).

The two gram size is perfect for spinning gear and heavy enough to cast with BFS gear. The slightly smaller 1.5g size works well with the spinning rods designed for Areas. Interestingly, the same rod/reel baitcasting combo that worked reasonably well with 1.2g spoons did not work nearly as well with 1.5g spinners. I suspect that the loose spinner blade flopping around causes too much wind resistance.

When using these spinners, be ready for an immediate strike. Smith writes that they are effective on the fall. A start-stop, darting retrieve is also possible with this spinner design.

Smith AR-S Single Hook Spinner with small brown troutSmith AR-S Single Hook Spinner

The first time I tried them I was fishing a Tenryu Rayz Alter RZA61L-T, which is also designed specifically for Areas. However, I was fishing in a wild trout stream. As it turns out, the Alter does very nicely fishing a small stream if you fish micro spoons or small spinners. The Smith AR-S was very effective, and it produced a many, many day.

If you like fishing spinners you will like the AR-S. For that matter, if you have avoided spinners because of what I had written for years about line twist, you might want to give these a try. They truly are the real deal.

I love these spinners. Almost enough to give up my micro spoons. Almost.

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.