Palms SpinWalk Clevis

These spinners have several design features that I think sets them apart from the average spinner you can get in the US.

  • Built-in swivel to reduce line twist
  • Stirrup rather than folded clevis (spins more easily)
  • Keel-shaped weight reduces snags
  • Single barbless hook, split ring attachment
Palms SpinWalk Clevis spinners come in 2.6 or 3.0 gram weights.

The 2.6 gram spinners are just under 1/10 oz. They come with a single barbless size 6 hook. The French blade is a size 0. The 3 gram spinners are just over 1/10 oz. They come with a single barbless size 4 hook. The French blade is a little larger than a size 1 but quite a bit smaller than a size 2.

Palms Spinwalk Silver Yellow
Gold Matte GoldGold Matte Gold
Palms SpinWalk Clevis
2.6g Gold, Matte Gold - $10
Silver YellowSilver Yellow
Palms SpinWalk Clevis
2.6g Silver, Yellow - $10

Palms SpinWalk Clevis
3g Gold, Matte Gold - $10
Palms SpinWalk Clevis
3g Silver, Yellow - $10

Black Matte BlackBlack Matte Black
Silver GreenSilver Green
Palms SpinWalk CV
Black, Matte Black 2.6g - $10
Palms SpinWalk CV
Silver, Green 2.6g - $10

Palms SpinWalk CV
Black, Matte Black 3g - $10
Palms SpinWalk CV
Silver, Green 3g - $10


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Prepaid Canadian Import Duty and Tax - US$6.95



The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.