Tenryu Rayz Spectra

As nice as the Tenryu Rayz spinning rods are, the Tenryu Rayz Spectra is on another level. Tenryu says the parabolic action of the blank was inherited from the Rayz series, but if you pick up both and wiggle them one after another, you can tell in an instant that they are not the same. The Spectra uses carbon nanotube technology in the butt section of the 2-piece rod. That allowed Tenryu to make the blank stronger without adding any weight.

Tenryu Rayz SpectraTenryu Rayz Spectra

The guides on the Tenryu Rayz rods are titanium frames with SIC inserts. The guides on the Rayz Spectra rods have the same titanium frames but have Torzite inserts - which are thinner and lighter. A lighter blank and lighter guides may seem like small things, but they affect the rod's inertia and that affects how the rod feels when you wiggle it or cast it (and it feels really, really nice).

Built in Hook KeeperBuilt in Hook Keeper
Alignment DotsAlignment Dots
The two parts are designed to be about that far apart when assembled. Do not try to force them closer together.

A couple other nice features not found on the Rayz or Rayz Integral rods are the built in hook keeper, which keeps you from sticking a hook in the guides or the grip (or your hand); and the alignment dots, which let you alignment the sections perfectly as soon as you put them together.

Tenryu Rayz Spectra End CapEnd Cap
Tenryu Rayz Spectra reel seat and gripReel Seat and Grip

In addition to performing well, you want a premium rod to look good - not to show off, but just because you yourself enjoy it. The Spectra does not disappoint. The grip is premium quality cork. The reel seat is select hardwood and each rod has a unique grain pattern. There is a matching hardwood accent piece between the cork and the end cap. The end cap is protected from scratches by a raised rubber ring.

The rod doesn't just look great, though, it feels great when you put a reel on it and make your first cast. It was designed with expert anglers in mind, and is more accurate than the Rayz sesries of rods. This is a "Wow!" rod.

Tenryu Rayz Spectra RZS51LLTenryu Rayz Spectra RZS51LL

Tenryu Rayz Spectra stats

Model                           RZS51LL
Type                              Wild (stream)
Length                           5'1"
Sections                         2
Breakdown Length      31 1/4"
Rod Weight                   2.3 oz
Line Weight                   1 - 5 lb
Lure Weight                  1/32 - 1/4 oz

The Tenryu Rayz Spectra is not an inexpensive rod. And yet, compared to a fly rod of similar quality, it is really quite reasonably priced. Legions of fly fishermen would not bat an eye at a $435 fly rod. Just because most spinning rods are cheap Chinese-made rods doesn't mean all are, or that you have to settle for lower quality gear if you choose to fish spinners rather than flies.

For American spin fishermen who have wanted a truly high quality trout rod, your wait is over.

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.