Replacement Barbless Hooks

Replacement Barbless Hooks are necessary if you fish in the growing number of areas that allow spin fishing but require barbless hooks. Some areas require single hooks. Cover both bases with these replacement barbless hooks.

Also called "single hooks" or "replacement single hooks," they are available barbed as well as barbless, and they are available for spoons and for plugs.

Replacement single hooks intended for spoons have horizontal eyes. The hook on a spoon is attached with a split ring, and the horizontal eye on a single hook for spoons will orient the hook properly. When replacing treble hook with a single hook on a spoon, attach the hook so that the hook points up when the convex side of the spoon faces down, as shown in the following photo.

Spoon showing proper "hook up" orientation when the convex face of the spoon is down.Proper single hook orientation

When retrieved slowly, a spoon will wobble rather than spin, and the convex side of the spoon will face downwards most of the time. That causes the hook to face upwards most of the time, greatly reducing the chance of getting snagged on a rock or log.

Replacement single hooks for plugs have vertical eyes to orient the hook properly with the plug. The tail hook should point up. There is a difference of opinion on whether the front hook should point forward or backward. Forward will give more positive hook sets, but also increases the chance that a plug will get snagged on a rock or a log. 

WooDream minnow plug showing forward pointing front hookWooDream 50MD
Palms minnow lures showing backward pointing front hooksPalms Alexandra

Single Hooks - Barbless

C'ultiva SBL-35

  • Single Replacement Barbless Hooks for Spoons
  • Horizontal eye

C'ultiva SBL-55M

  • Single Replacement Barbless Hooks for Plugs
  • Vertical eye
Daiwa Silver Creek lure showing entangled hooks.Daiwa Silver Creek 50S, C'ultiva SBL-55M #8

Please note: when replacing treble hooks with single hooks on plugs, be sure that the two single hooks cannot get caught on each other. If you replace both trebles with single hooks on a 50mm plug, use the S-55M size 10 hooks. If you wish to use size 6 or size 8 hooks, remove the front treble hook and replace the rear hook with a single hook.

Single Hooks - Barbed

 For those who want to replace treble hooks with single hooks, but do not want to go barbless, C'ultiva has single barbed hooks.

C'ultiva S-21

  • Single Replacement Barbed Hooks for spoons
  • Horizontal eye
Cultiva S-21 size 6 packageCultiva S-21 size 6

Size 6
12 hooks - $3.50

Cultiva S-21 size 8 packageCultiva S-21 size 8

Size 8
12 hooks - $3.50

C'ultiva S-55M

  • Single Replacement Barbed Hooks for Plugs
  • Vertical eye
Cultiva S-55M size 6 packageCultiva S-55M size 6

Size 6
11 hooks - $3.50

Cultiva S-55M size 8 packageCultiva S-55M size 8

Size 8
12 hooks - $3.50

Cultiva S-55M size 10 packageCultiva S-55M size 10

Size 10
12 hooks - $3.50


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